Our Mission

Giving a New hope to the Vulnerable children through Holistic support

Educational Support

Many children in Uganda are Orphans with very low chances of going to school. Through this Program, We provide sponsorship to these children with a monthly support of $30

Women Empowerment

Through the Women Empowerment programs, We help the less privileged women, training them to be self reliant, teaching them basic English and more

Relief Projects

We help the needy through Relief projects, by giving them access to clean and safe drinking water, Health care and also give food to the needy

this is who we are..

Nissi Child Development Fund is a Non-Profit organisation in Uganda that focuses on helping the most vulnerable children in poverty stricken communities.  We support the children through education and other projects that are intended to get them and their families out of poverty

Robert's Story

Robert is one of the 50 children who currently need sponsors. Robert lives with his aunt as he was abandoned by his mother. He wants to become an engineer after his education. Will you kindly consider sponsoring Robert today?

Word From the Director

Thank you for your kind consideration of partnering with Nissi to help provide the children we serve, with the much needed education for their future. As a child, whenever i saw the unprivileged families in my community, i would become heart broken over their helpless situation. Over the years, a dream was planted in my heart, that one day i would help change the lives of the children living in poverty, with no chance of going to school. Will you please join us as we transform the lives of these vulnerable children?